Custom Mouthguards

Custom Mouthguards in Columbia, SC

Mouthguards are custom-fitted devices worn over your natural teeth to protect them from injury during athletic or recreational activities. Premier Smile Center provides comfortable, durable, and easy-to-clean mouthguards in Columbia, SC, allowing the user to breathe and talk normally.

Reasons To Get A Mouthguard?

Anyone engaged in contact sports such as football, boxing, hockey, and lacrosse or in an activity that might make the teeth and mouth vulnerable to injury is advised to use mouthguards.

Properly designed mouthguards can significantly reduce the chances of injury to teeth, tongue, gums, and jaw during such sporting activities. Without a mouthguard, the chance of chipping or losing a tooth increases during such activities.

Our dentist near you advises mouthguards protecting orthodontics, such as braces. If braces or fixed bridge work is damaged during a sporting activity, a setback in treatment can occur as the orthodontics might need to be refitted.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom-Made Mouthguards?

Custom-made mouthguards designed by a qualified dentist in Columbia, SC, offer superior protection to their over-the-counter counterparts. While the custom-made mouthguards might cost a bit more than mass-produced devices available at sporting goods stores, they are worth the extra cost.

As mouthguards designed by a dentist fit your teeth precisely, they leave less room for damage to the teeth or orthodontics. Also, being custom-made for your mouth, these mouthguards are significantly more comfortable than store-bought ones.

How To Care For Your Mouthguard?

If properly taken care of, your custom-made mouthguards can last long. It would be best to clean your mouthguards with cold water and a toothbrush before and after each use. You should occasionally rinse the devices with warm soap water and dry them completely before subsequent use.

It would help to store your mouthguards in containers with air holes that permit free air circulation. You should also bring your mouthguard with you during your routine dental visit so it can be evaluated to see if replacement is necessary.

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