Hybrid Prosthesis

Hybrid Prosthesis in Columbia, SC

Our standout service, the hybrid prosthesis, offers a revolutionary approach to restoring smiles, combining the reliability of dental implants with the full-arch restoration capabilities of dentures. Hybrid prosthesis, including the maxillary hybrid prosthesis, represents a significant advancement in dental restoration. This state-of-the-art solution anchors a high-quality, full-arch dental prosthesis onto strategically placed dental implants. Unlike traditional dentures, the hybrid prosthesis is fixed in the mouth, providing a stable and permanent solution for missing teeth. Specifically, the maxillary hybrid prosthesis focuses on the upper arch, ensuring a comfortable fit and natural appearance. Our team at Premier Smile Center harnesses the latest dental technology to customize these prostheses, tailoring them to each patient’s unique dental structure and aesthetic preferences.

Benefits of Hybrid Prosthesis

Choosing a hybrid prosthesis at Premier Smile Center offers numerous benefits. Firstly, this solution provides unmatched stability and comfort, eliminating the common inconveniences associated with conventional dentures, such as slippage or speech impediments. Patients experience a significant improvement in biting and chewing efficiency, allowing them to enjoy a broader range of foods with a well-balanced diet. Aesthetically, the hybrid prosthesis is designed to look and feel like natural teeth, enhancing your smile and overall facial structure. Furthermore, the implants in this procedure promote jawbone health, preventing the bone loss commonly associated with tooth loss.

Process of Getting a Hybrid Prosthesis

At Premier Smile Center, we ensure that the journey to receiving your hybrid prosthesis is as smooth and comfortable as possible. The process begins with a detailed consultation, where our skilled dental team assesses your oral health and discusses your goals. We then create a customized treatment plan, which includes the design of your maxillary hybrid prosthesis if upper arch restoration is required. The following steps involve the precise placement of dental implants, followed by healing and integration with the jawbone. Finally, the custom-designed prosthesis is securely attached to the implants, providing a functional, beautiful new smile.

Why Choose Premier Smile Center?

At Premier Smile Center, our dedication to excellence sets us apart. Our skilled dental professionals, led by experienced clinicians, are experts in hybrid prostheses. We employ advanced technologies to ensure the highest standards of care and results that exceed your expectations. Our Columbia, SC, clinic offers a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring every visit is a positive and reassuring experience.

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