Partials and Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Columbia, SC

Any form of tooth loss can be difficult for patients in terms of their appearance and oral function. For those who suffer severe tooth loss to the degree of losing most or all of their permanent teeth, the effects can be devastating. Thankfully, partials and full dentures in Columbia, SC, are options for patients with significant tooth loss as a result of decay, injury, or other causes.

A denture is designed to replace missing teeth and the surrounding gum tissue. These removable apparatuses are available in full form for patients who have suffered complete permanent tooth loss. Partial dentures are available for patients with some of their natural teeth left in the mouth. Dr. Glenn Smith can determine the best solution for your needs with partial and full dentures near you as part of restorative dental care with Premier Smile Center.

Most Comfortable Full Dentures

Full dentures are a viable solution for patients who have lost all their natural, permanent teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. Such significant tooth loss may be caused by severe tooth decay, periodontal disease, or traumatic injury to the head or mouth region. Our dentist in Columbia, SC, will craft full dentures to restore oral function. The results are often life-changing in that patients get back the ability to bite, chew, and speak properly. Full dentures also restore a healthy appearance for patients in terms of their smile and facial structure.

Partial Dentures Near You

Some patients who are missing most of their permanent teeth but still have one or more intact in the mouth benefit from affordable partial dentures. Partials are a set of removable false teeth designed to replace those that are missing by filling gaps in the mouth and preventing the remaining original teeth from shifting position. Our dentist near you creates partials to look and function like the patient’s natural teeth. This restores their mouth to a healthy appearance and proper functioning in terms of eating and speaking.

Our goal at Premier Smile Center is to reinstate your oral health and quality of life. Contact Dr. Glenn Smith for information about dentures as a restorative procedure.

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