Periodontal Care

Periodontal Care in Columbia, SC

Periodontal care is more than just treating teeth; it’s about nurturing the foundation of your oral health. Periodontal disease, often silently lurking, can compromise your gums and overall well-being. This is why our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive periodontal dental care to prevent and treat periodontal disease effectively. Our method is deeply anchored in comprehending the complexities of periodontal health, offering targeted treatments for periodontal disease that address both the symptoms and underlying causes.

Periodontal Services Offered in Columbia, SC

Residents seeking ‘periodontal care near me’ in Columbia, SC, will find a sanctuary for their gums at Premier Smile Center. Our services are designed to cater to various stages and types of periodontal issues. We believe in a personalized approach, ensuring each patient receives care tailored to their unique dental landscape. From routine assessments to advanced treatments, our goal is to preserve your natural teeth, prevent periodontal disease, and maintain your oral health at its peak.

CloSYS Mouthwash

A key component in our arsenal against periodontal disease is CloSYS Mouthwash. This innovative product targets harmful bacteria without disrupting the mouth’s natural balance. It’s an integral part of our preventive strategy, helping to maintain optimal oral hygiene between visits. Patients at Premier Smile Center have consistently reported improved gum health and comfort after incorporating CloSYS Mouthwash into their daily routine.

Periodontal Cleaning

Periodontal cleaning at Premier Smile Center is a step above the rest. It’s not just about removing plaque and tartar; it’s an immersive experience where we meticulously clean your gums and teeth, reaching areas often missed in regular cleanings. Our skilled hygienists use advanced techniques and tools to ensure a thorough clean that refreshes and rejuvenates your mouth. This preventive measure is key in our fight to prevent periodontal disease from taking root.

Scaling and Root Planing

For patients with more advanced periodontal concerns, we offer scaling and root planing – a deep-cleaning procedure built to halt the progression of periodontal disease. This procedure meticulously eliminates plaque and tartar beneath the gum line and gently smoothens the roots to aid in the healing process. Dr. Glenn Smith and his team perform this procedure with utmost precision and care, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. This service is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing top-notch periodontal dental care.

Contact Us

Your journey to healthier gums and a brighter smile begins with a simple step – contacting us at Premier Smile Center. Located in the heart of Columbia, SC, our clinic is a hub for advanced periodontal care. Dr. Glenn Smith and his team are ready to welcome you and tailor a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for preventive care or need more intensive treatments for periodontal disease, we are here to help. Contact us today and book your appointment.

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