Tooth Perforation Repair

Tooth Perforation Repair in Columbia, SC

Tooth perforation is a dental condition that involves an accidental or pathological breach in the tooth structure. This can occur in various tooth parts, including the crown or root. Such perforations can result from many factors, ranging from dental decay and trauma to even complications during dental procedures. It’s a condition that affects the tooth’s aesthetic appeal and can lead to more severe dental issues if left unaddressed. This underscores the importance of understanding and promptly addressing tooth perforation.

Treatment for Tooth Perforation

Premier Smile Center employs a systematic approach to treat tooth perforation, ensuring that each case is managed with precision and personalized care. The first step involves a thorough diagnostic process, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging technology to assess the extent of the perforation. Following this, Dr. Glenn Smith, a renowned expert in restorative dentistry, designs a customized treatment plan.

Treatment may involve various procedures, depending on the severity and location of the perforation. In cases where the perforation is minor and confined to the crown, a simple filling may suffice. However, more complex cases, especially those involving the root or near the gum line, might require endodontic therapy or even a dental crown. Throughout the treatment, we focus on keeping the natural tooth structure as much as possible while restoring function and aesthetics.

How Can Premier Smile Center Help You?

Our dental office has all the tools and latest technology that aids in accurately diagnosing and efficiently treating tooth perforations. We understand that dealing with tooth damage can be stressful, so we emphasize a comforting environment and a transparent communication process. Patients are informed about all the aspects of their treatment, ensuring that they are confident in the decisions made regarding their dental health.

Dr. Smith’s expertise in handling complex dental issues, combined with his commitment to continued education and staying abreast of the modern advancements in dentistry, ensures that patients at Premier Smile Center receive the best possible care for tooth perforation repair.

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